Fraser Henderson

I am currently working as the Government Success Manager (UK & Ireland) for CitizenLab - the worlds leading civic-tech company, based in Brussels. I am also founding director of the Association for Consultation & Engagement Professionals.

Prior to this, I have worked for  The Consultation Institute (tCI) for around 13 years'.  tCI is a best practice organisation concerned with raising standards in public consultation across the globe.

During my time at tCI I have delivered countless amounts of training on good practices, particularly relating to online engagement.  I have also quality assured a number of service change programmes in the NHS and local government such as SEND, Libraries and Devolution deals.  I've also developed a data warehouse and online dispute resolution system from scratch, writing the IUK tender during lockdown.

I've worked overseas too - from humble beginnings at Philips Research in the Netherlands to more exciting ventures in Tunisia, Morocco, China and Ukraine (funded by the World Bank & EU), mainly aligned with government reform and the development of new legislation for petitions and public consultation.

In the middle of all this I got a job as  Industrial Partnerships Manager for the University of Lincoln, managing a small team and the ambitions of the University to commercialise intellectual property and develop stronger industrial relations.  From time to time I also do some freelance work for CDI Alliance .  This is basically digital business support, often for Business Lincolnshire.

In the past I have been instrumental in developing innovative new solutions for government, such as implementing the UK's first online petitions system before no.10 (winning the European eDemocracy award in 2005).  I have also helped implement the UK's first online health clinic with the City of London Digital Inclusion Team and managed the process of change among staff and service users.

In 2018, I had a blast and organised a tech meet up called "StakeCamp" (developing the idea of GovCamp) with the kind help of Transport for London.

My key interests are in new and emerging technologies, politics, the role of public participation in building democracy, digital government, strategic communications and the interaction between civil society and government.  I get curious about things like crypto, finance, aviation, data, cars and quantum 2.0.

However, I'm also into hardware - from IoT, to drones and 3D printers.  I'm a dab hand at audio and video production too (Ableton).  I really love gizmos, I have all the latest IoT stuff such as a Ring Pro Video Doorbell, Nest heating and Philips Hue lighting.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Salford in acoustics.  I have basic PHP/SQL/Java and web development skills and am very technically capable with all sort of hardware, having worked in R&D at two major consumer electronics labs – including one which specialises in product testing.  There's a long list of qualifications somewhere - I'm a trained PRINCE-2 and Atern Agile Project Manager and I've got ILM Level 5.

I've previously been employed by (in no particular order) - Balfour Beatty, Philips Research, Dept.BIS (Dialogue and engagement specialist for ScienceWise), The Office of the Deputy PM, Consumers' Association Research & Testing Centre, .

I've been making (electronic) music since I was a teenager with an Amiga and basic sampler.  I progressed to using Cubase and EMU Morpheus hardware at University but now have a basic rig with Ableton.  I'm also producing videos to go along with the soundtracks.

I've worked for even more people - such as various CCGs, European Parliament, RWE, Ricardo AEA....