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Recommendations on learning mobility in the EU Recommendations on learning mobility in the EU based on the DEEP-EU project ECAS / Fraser Henderson & ESN 2017
Social media research ethics Attitudes to using personal data published on social networks for government research and insights Fraser Henderson & Remmert Keijzer 2016
Consultation: How can we safeguard the role and potential of the reasoned public voice? Benchmarking public consultation from across the globe to determine best practices. (World Bank) Fraser Henderson 2015
ICT for participatory legislation-making Good practices around public participation and online systems used in drafting legislation.  (EU-China Policy PSDF) Fraser Henderson & Dr Thomas Haart 2014
DIY digital engagement audits A framework for digital engagement audits and social listening in the public sector.   (Swedish Association of Local Authorities & Regions) Fraser Henderson & William Linnefel 2014
Petitions_Paper_IssueOne (1) Global petitioning perspectives and
subsequent considerations for building a
substantive petition system. (World Bank)
Fraser Henderson & Tiago Tiburico 2014
Internet Access Review A review of digital inclusion approaches and best practices Fraser Henderson & Hannah Goraya 2013
TryThis project evaluation Evaluation of a crowd-sourcing project to tackle health inequalities Fraser Henderson & Lindsay Linton (Social Marketing Gateway) 2011
eParticipation lessons from EC preparatory action Lessons from Monitoring and Assessing EC-funded eParticipation Projects: Citizen Engagement and Participation Impact Fraser Henderson & Melanie Bicking (University of Koblenz) 2011
ePetition data standard Recommended ePetition Data Standard (DCLG) Fraser Henderson & Andy Gibson 2010
Selecting and setting-up an ePetition system A guide for local authorities based on the Local Democracy Economic Development & Construction Act Fraser Henderson 2010
Supporting a stronger civil society Consultation response – Information Technology and Intellectual Property Fraser Henderson 2010
European eParticipation preparatory action analysis Impact and potential opportunities for eParticipation in European democracy Fraser Henderson & Olga Lacigoca (21c consultancy) 2010
Trust for the masses Discussion paper – online trust mechanisms Fraser Henderson 2009
Participation at election times Analysis of eParticipation during the 2009 UK national election Fraser Henderson 2009
Effective eParticipation Briefing paper Digital Britain and new opportunities
for effective participation
Fraser Henderson 2009