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Title wdt_ID Link Description Author(s) Publication Date
Consultation data dive 1 Trends in public consultation data Fraser Henderson 01/01/2021
Recommendations on learning mobility in the EU 2 Recommendations on learning mobility in the EU based on the DEEP-EU project ECAS / Fraser Henderson & ESN 01/01/2017
Social media research ethics 3 Attitudes to using personal data published on social networks for government research and insights Fraser Henderson & Remmert Keijzer 01/01/2016
Consultation: How can we safeguard the role and potential of the reasoned public voice? 4 Benchmarking public consultation from across the globe to determine best practices. (World Bank) Fraser Henderson 01/01/2015
ICT for participatory legislation-making 5 Good practices around public participation and online systems used in drafting legislation. (EU-China Policy PSDF) Fraser Henderson & Dr Thomas Haart 01/01/2014
DIY digital engagement audits 6 A framework for digital engagement audits and social listening in the public sector. (Swedish Association of Local Authorities & Regions) Fraser Henderson & William Linnefel 01/01/2014
Petitions Paper 7 Global petitioning perspectives and subsequent considerations for building a substantive petition system. (World Bank) Fraser Henderson & Tiago Tiburico 01/01/2014
Internet Access Review 8 A review of digital inclusion approaches and best practices Fraser Henderson & Hannah Goraya 01/01/2013
TryThis project review 9 Evaluation of a crowd-sourcing project to tackle health inequalities Fraser Henderson & Lindsay Linton (Social Marketing Gateway) 01/01/2011
eParticipation lessons from EC preparatory action 10 Lessons from Monitoring and Assessing EC-funded eParticipation Projects: Citizen Engagement and Participation Impact Fraser Henderson & Melanie Bicking (University of Koblenz) 01/01/2011
ePetition data standard 11 Recommended ePetition Data Standard (DCLG) Fraser Henderson & Andy Gibson 01/01/2010
Selecting and setting up an ePetition facility 12 A guide for local authorities based on the Local Democracy Economic Development & Construction Act Fraser Henderson 01/01/2010
Supporting a stronger civil society 13 Consultation response – Information Technology and Intellectual Property Fraser Henderson 01/01/2010
European eParticipation preparatory action analysis 14 Impact and potential opportunities for eParticipation in European democracy Fraser Henderson & Olga Lacigoca (21c consultancy) 01/01/2010
Trust for the masses 15 Discussion paper – online trust mechanisms Fraser Henderson 01/01/2009
eParticipation at election times 16 Analysis of eParticipation during the 2009 UK national election Fraser Henderson 01/01/2009
Effective eParticipation Briefing paper 17 Digital Britain and new opportunities for effective participation Fraser Henderson 01/01/2009
Title Link Description Author(s) Publication Date