• Engagement Consultancy

    Are you running a public consultation or planning a digital engagement activity?  I can help you meet your legal requirements and have excellent appreciation of recent case-law, tools and practices.

  • Social Media Training

    If you're looking for training on social media for public engagement, I have a bespoke course which has been delivered to over 10 clients.

  • Stakeholder engagement solutions

    Looking for a tool to manage your stakeholders and/or collect online feedback?  I have created a unique online option appraisal tool and can help you implement a cloud based SRM solution.

  • Social listening

    Need to understand the current 'buzz'? I can help you with a solution to create a digital dashboard for your organisation based on the real-time collection and analysis of content from across all social media channels.

  • Skills Audit

    I have created a bespoke skills audit tool which can work across any organisation and is based purely online.  This can help you determine where skills gaps and training needs are or prep you for a staffing reshuffle

  • Research

    Qualitative and quantitative research - with a particular specialism in economic development and B2B engagement

  • Web development

    Bespoke solutions for websites or web platforms

  • Musical score

    Promotional sound clips or soundtracks, professionally recorded.

Contact Me

frazzy.fh [at] gmail [dot] com